Raspberry PI first boot

posted on 2013-01-20

I've gotten a Raspberry Pi and it has just had it's first boot.

Raspberry Pi first boot

I have not been able to do anything with it yet, but here are some of the plans I have:

  • Media server gateway, to allow me to easily share some of my resources with friends. I'm not sure what kind of setup to use there yet, but maybe I can get aerofs running on it, or just ftp with some kind of fancy authentication.
  • Security camera. If my phone is not on my home network, record anything that goes on and if you detect a face: e-mail it. Update: Not yet done, but I did do a small time-lapse project.
  • See if I can create a portable laptop using a Wifi and a battery. If I get the Wifi to connect to an tablet therering hotspot, I might be able to access a VNC server on the Raspberry PI to use it as a portable computer. Just for typing and such.
  • VPN server. I do have some VPN capabilities in my modem, but I can't add the security features I would like to add.
  • Home automation. Seems the posibilities there are endless.
  • Cloud server for Haskell cloud computing.
  • XBMC media center (way to easy)
  • Create a nice case for it from Fimo clay. Update: I tried this, and failed.

If I finish any of these projects, I'll post about it.