Commitbook: photobook of my commits

posted on 2013-10-21

A few blog posts back, I decided to take a webcam snapshot on every git commit I do. After doing this for almost a year, I decided to put all the pictures together into a photo album.

The Albelli photo book printing company allows you to design a photobook online using a flash editor, only thing needed is adding the pictures. After some testing, I found that a 3180 by 2382 pixel image is best if you want to place a single image over the full page of a small sized photo album.

I then set out to create a small program which uses Haskell, Cairo and GTK to paste the images in a matrix. I have wanted to use Cairo for quite a while now, and this was a good opertunity to create another small Haskell program to practice on. I ended up with writing about a hundred lines of Haskell to create a matrix of images with Pango.

The result is a blue book

The commitbook (commitboek in Dutch) title page

which contains pictures of me behind the computer

Commit snapshots page

typing in commits at a rate of 3.25 commits a day.

Statistics summary page at the end