Remote fun online for teams

posted on 2022-03-18

A while back I started a list of fun online activities for teams on Github. It was not really a success and I was unable to find anybody willing to add things to the list. I still think some of the content is nice to have, so I decided to archive it here in this blog post.

Platform activities

Platform activities require everybody in the conference call to join the online platform to enjoy the event.

Among us

While other teammembers try to do remedial tasks in an spaceship, one team member is trying to sabotage the journey.


Like Tron, Snake, etc. This browser based game allows you to try to have other players crash into the wall you leave in your track.


A phone game about creating fake answers to trivia questions.

Published by Warner Bros

Social activities

Social activities do not require everybody in the conference call to join an online platform to enjoy the event.

Reverse pictionary

A bit like the classic pictionary game, but in reverse. Everybody has pen and paper and draws. One team member will, while drawing a movie title or concept, explain what they are doing: "I'm drawing a line up, and straight through that line, another line half way up", etc.

The other team members will follow that lead and try to draw the same, while guessing the subject. First right guess wins!

Don't forget to share your drawing at the end of the game.

What the movie

It has been around for years and the concept is simple: you get a single screenshot from a movie and try to guess the title.

One member shares the screen, while the rest tries to guess. If you want to split into teams, use Teamonator.