Online resolution downscale calculator

posted on 2013-02-11

During some video editing for my time-lapse project I found myself having to find a good resolution to downscale to from a resolution of 6016 times 4000. I searched the web for an online scale calculator and found only a few which where old.

More than enough for me to take to the Javascript coding and create one of my own:

Open the resolution scale calculator


To use it, simply input the width and height of your current video or image and either press Enter or leave the input field.

The calculator will then generate a list of resolutions which you can use without ending up with a ratio change or half pixels.

If you click on one of the found resolutions, you get a preview image and some more information on ratio and if it's a default resolution. Click on the image to get a full-sized image to see which part of your screen it would take up.

There are no other or extra features, but feel free to leave a comment with request, questions or bug-reports.